Result Sheet

Professional Catagory

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Pakistan International Culinary Championship 2018 is the second competition in Pakistan for professional chefs. The championship welcomes the all the professional chefs, pastry chefs & carvists of the World to participate & showcase their exceptional abilities. Pakistan International Culinary `festival 2018 is the second culinary championship and festival in Pakistan, for professional chefs, will be part of this festival. Along with restaurant stalls with food & beverages companies stalls, entertainment for all, conferences and seminars on Culinary, Hospitality and tourism trends. Artisans work displays, musical evenings, sufi nights, lucky draws and much much more for the whole family…

Sr# Class Name Property Winners Awards
1 Chicken Practical Cookery Bambo Union Muhammad Ali GOLD
2 Avari Hotel Usman Tariq GOLD
3 NCWTP Tayyaba Naeem GOLD
4 Nishat Hotel Muhammad Waheed GOLD
5 Avari Hotel Nabiha Ilyas GOLD
6 Avari Hotel Ali Bin Yousaf GOLD
7 Eat Well Shumaila Fawad GOLD
8 Emirate Cukinary Guild Komang Wirantawan GOLD
9 Nishat Hotel Hooria Javed GOLD
11 Iqra khalid NCWTP SILVER
12 Lahore Gymkhana Ali Tahir Abbas SILVER
13 Bambo Union Abid Hussain SILVER
14 China Cuisine Association Chef Cui Bofei SILVER
15 Kitchen Cuisine Abdul Qadeer SILVER
16 Nawaz Dilbar Behria Clove SILVER
17 Cafe' Billy Bunter Rafique Emanual SILVER
18 Nishat Hotel Muhammad Faraz Javed SILVER
19 Nishat Hotel Afzal Ijaz SILVER
20 Nishat Hotel Naveed Riaz SILVER
21 Avari Hotel Reema Noor Ahmed SILVER
22 PC Hotel Allah Wasaya SILVER
23 Dampukht Tahir Ijaz SILVER
24 CTTS Mehwish Javed BRONZE
25 Seafood Practical Cookery CISD Rajeenah Kamran GOLD
26 Bambo Union Abid Hussain GOLD
27 Freddy's Cafe Haseeb Zahid GOLD
28 PC Hotel Waleed Khalid GOLD
29 Marriott Hotel Mario Limbo Laririt GOLD
30 PC Hotel Fahad Naeem GOLD
31 Nishat Hotel Muhammad Wheed GOLD
32 The Bahria Colve Nawaz Dilbar GOLD
33 Emirates Culinary Gulid Shaikha Almemari GOLD
33 Nishat Hotel Afzal Ijaz GOLD
34 Grand Inn Zill e Huma GOLD
35 PC Hotel Seafood Practical Cookery GOLD
36 COTHM Karachi Fatima Baig GOLD
37 ITHM Tayyaba Altaf GOLD
38 Cafe Billy Bunter Amir Zahoor GOLD
39 Nishat Hotel Muhammad Faraz Javed GOLD
40 Nishat Hotel Naveed Riaz GOLD
41 Best Cake Delights Mahnoor Shafiq GOLD
42 Emirates Culinary Guilds Dhamapal Shahi GOLD
43 Avari Hotel Waqas Akbar SILVER
44 The Otus Lounge Adnan Javed SILVER
45 Bambo Union Muhammad Ali SILVER
46 Avari Hotel Khalid Rasheed BRONZE
47 NCWTP Iqra Khalid BRONZE
48 Beef Practical Cookery Emirates Culinary Guild Dhrampal Shahi GOLD
49 Emirates Culinary Guild Shaikha Almermari GOLD
50 Emirates Culinary Guild Komang Wirantwan GOLD
51 PC Hotel Salman Shaid SILVER
52 PC Hotel Naeem Bashir SILVER
53 CTTS Mewish Javed BRONZE
54 Fruits & Vegetable Carving Ewan Hotel Syed Badar Jamal SILVER
55 Luxus Grand Hotel Muhammad Shahzad SILVER
56 PC Hotel Sri Mohan GOLD
57 Cakes & Bakes Rizwan ul Haq GOLD
58 Three Course Gourmet Pakistani Menu Gymkhana Club Ali Tahir Abbas GOLD
59 PC Hotel Azam Zafar GOLD
60 Aina Qismat Muhammad Waseem SILVER
61 Cafe Solasta Husnain SILVER
62 Gourmet Falak Gohar SILVER
63 Desi Cuisine Hijab Hashmi SILVER
64 The Otus Lounge Adnan Javed SILVER
65 Eat Well Shumaila Fawad SILVER
66 Four Plate of Dessrts NCWTP Hooria Javed GOLD
67 PC Hotel Nafeesa Kanwal BRONZE
68 COTHM Tayyaba Naeem SILVER
69 PC Hotel kiran Shahzadi SILVER
70 Avari Hotel Muhammad Aslam BRONZE
71 Baked Goods & Baked Breads Cafe' Jade Farrukh Iqbal GOLD
72 Shafqat Rahim PC Hotel BRONZE
73 Cake Decoration Practical PC Hotel Naseer Ahmed GOLD
74 China Cuisine Association Chef Wu Yanjie GOLD
75 Imoo's Baking Tale Iram Iqbal SILVER
76 Lebanon Chef Oussama Kdouh SILVER
77 Avari Hotel Muhammad Aslam SILVER
78 COTHM Najam us Saher BRONZE
79 Best Cake Delight Mahnoor Shafiq BRONZE
80 COTHM Fatima Tariq BRONZE
81 Four Course Gourmet Menu Best Team Challenge 2018 PC Hotel Abdullah, Dhuminda , Babar GOLD
82 Emirates Culinary Guilds Komang, Wiran , Tawan GOLD
83 The Otus Lounge Adnan, Zubair , Daod SILVER
84 Hotel One Aqeel, Hasham , Arshad SILVER
85 Dhampukht Tahir, Naveed , Shafqat BRONZE
86 PC Hotel M. Azam, Akram , Salman BRONZE
87 The Bahria Clove M. Farooq, Nawaz , Nauman BRONZE
88 Best Pastry Chef of Pakistan Marriott Islamabad J.M. Nalinda Parsad GOLD, GOLD, BRONZE
89 English Tea House Khadim Hussain SILVER, SILVER, SILVER
90 PC Hotel Sri Mohan Mandlwatta BONZE, SILVER, GOLD
91 PC Hotel Muhammad Ashraf SILVER, SILVER, SILVER
92 PC Hotel Mahadura Duminda Thabrew SILVER, SILVER, BRONZE
93 Defence Raya Club Muhammad Anwar GOLD, BRONZE, SILVER
94 Best Cuisiner of Pakistan 2018 Marriott Hotel Mario Limbo Laririt CERTIFICATE, BRONZE, GOLD
96 Gourmet Falak Gohar CERTIFICATE, SILVER, GOLD
97 English Tea House Shamoon Masih SILVER, GOLD, SILVER
98 Muhammad Safraz ASPIC, Chicken, Beef BRONZE, BRONZE, GOLD
99 Freddy's Cafe Muhammad Haseeb CERTIFICATE, BRONZE, CERTIFICATE
101 ASPIC Display China Cuisine Assocation Qi Qiang GOLD